Ryder LMS

technology: Balsamiq Mockups and Microsoft Excel

Ryder LMS (Logistics Management System) allows users to schedule and manage appointments at trucking docks. The project began by meeting with Ryder stakeholders and gathering requirements then continued to creation of use cases. The uses cases focused mostly on three types of users and their permissions: Carrier (a driver or trucking company), Plant (a facility that handles both incoming and outgoing shipments), as well as Supplier (a vendor or facility that only does in-bound deliveries).

use cases

After use cases were defined, the process continued to wireframes. For example, all the wireframes here are for a Plant user. Eventually, back-end developers used these wireframes as a guide for their implementation.

Admin week view

A user's scheduled appointments appear as green on weekly and daily calendars. Dark gray areas are inactive or unavailable hours at that location. Light gray areas are appointments that they do not have permission to edit. Times are displayed on the Y-axis while dock numbers are displayed on the X-axis. Users could hover over any appointment and see details.

Admin day view

Certain action items appear if the user clicks on an appointment.

Admin day view options

To schedule a new appointment, a user could click on any available time (blank space on the calendar). A modal menu would display fields to add appointment details.

Admin schedule appointment

When a user begins to cancel an appointment, a modal is displayed with appointment details and a confirmation prompt.

Admin cancel appointment

A user can "mark as late" if an appointment is behind schedule.

Admin - mark as late

Appointments that are marked as late are displayed as red on calendars.

A user can click on an appointment to reschedule and would then enter necessary details. An error message would appear if there is a conflict.